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Ressence is an innovative watchmaker that has redefined the principles of high-end watchmaking. They have created a Type 3 timepiece with so many unique features, it's hard to choose which is the best - whether the dial is separated from the mechanism, or the liquid-filled indicators that appear as they are shown on the bubble-shaped sapphire. This watch is also unique in that it has no hands or crown, but it appears to be analog. Once you learn how it works, the three modes are easy to understand.

The dial has been treated with DLC. It is constructed in a sandwich style with a titanium membrane separating the movement from the indicator module. The patented system transmits information from the movement to the indications via micro-magnetic field. The Super-LumiNova that is used to fill the white, gray and Orange Super-LumiNova indications glows green and orange when dark.Omega Replica This fluid is a liquid that refracts the light just like air. The indications look like they're projected onto the top of the crystal. This is because this liquid minimizes reflection, giving the appearance of a two-dimensional dial.

The three rotating sub-dials display hours, seconds, and days. Minutes are shown by a separate dial at the minute scale around the dial. You can read the date from the outside, at 6 o'clock, using the circular disc which rotates continuously below the sapphire glass. This watch is also cool because it does not have traditional hands.

Ressence has created and patented this unique system for displaying time and date. The system is based on a special module that contains 28 gears, 57 jewels as well as Grade 5 Titanium plate with three bi-axial satellites angled at 3deg. and 4.75deg., and a date ring.Panerai Luminor Replica Watches The module is also equipped with a shock-absorption system, water-resistant seal, and fluid. A self-winding device, consisting of 407 parts, oscillates at 28.800 vibrations an hour, and has a power reserve of about 38 hours.

The 44mm grade 5 titanium case is missing a crown, which gives it a futuristic appearance. However, this does not impact the functionality of the timepiece. The sapphire back of the case is where all adjustments are made. You can wind it by turning the ring. You can change the date by rotating through 200 degrees. To set the time, start at the neutral position, and then turn the watch in the indicated direction. The time setting is disconnected using the gravitational gearing by turning the watch upside-down.