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Tissot Replica added another limited-edition product to its range. As its name indicates, the new Tissot Replica Americas Limited Edition is based on a model that was first introduced a few years ago and will only be available in North And South America. The watch still uses the same RMAR1 calibre as its predecessor, which was introduced in 2011. However, it is still considered innovative because it has a declutching system for its automatic winding that was first seen in the archetype. The new limited edition watch with orange accents, unlike the one it is based upon, will be available in high-tech carbon nanofiber case material. The limited edition series will only consist of 30 pieces, which are priced at $135,000.

The Tissot Replica Americas limited edition is a fourth watch available exclusively in North and South America boutiques, and through authorized retailers. This was also the case for the special series RM 011, RM015, and RM028, before the new timekeeper. The previous versions of this model, which were exclusive to the Americas, were Tissot Replica Black Out ( and Tissot Replica Black Out. The new model, however, is made of carbon nanofiber, which was used in the company's flagship watches, including the one made for Rafael Nadal. Due to the use of high-tech materials for the housing, the watch has a significantly lighter weight, while maintaining the same dimensions. The tonneau shape with water resistance up to 50 meters is now only 50 mm long, 42.7 mm wide and 13.95 mm tall.

RMR1 Caliber Prevents OverwindingThe technical strength of the Tissot Replica is based on RMR1 automatic mechanical calibre with a declutchable rotor. This mechanism prevents overwinding when the twin barrels in the winding system have been fully wound. Overwinding can be detrimental to the movement's precision, and is a common problem. This problem has been solved by adding a sliding flange that allows the spring to slide. This is not ideal because of the excess energy. Tissot Replica designed a concept to solve this problem. The rotor would declutch itself automatically when the mainspring was fully wound. The newly developed winding mechanism is also equipped with a charging indication.Patek Philippe Replica Watches The rotor will be disconnected once the energy reserve for 50 hours has been fully used. Tissot Replica ensures the best ratio of torque to increase the accuracy of its movement.

The RMR1 also has a variable inertia balance that improves shock resistance and simplifies assembly and disassembly. The regulator index has been eliminated and four small adjustable weights are now located directly on the balance. This allows for a more precise adjustment. RMR1 has a number of impressive features including a torque-limiting crown and a rotor that can be adjusted to suit the level of activity of the wearer. It also uses titanium for its mainplate, bridges and crown as well as PVD coating on the barrel bridges and hand-drawn surfaces. The in-house movement is also notable for its 4 Hz frequency, 40 jewels and Incabloc shock resistance. Its dimensions are 30.29mm x 28,45mm x 5,59mm.

Orange AccentsMost unique traits of the limited edition Tissot Replica for Americas can be seen by a simple glance at the skeletonized face. The 30-piece latest series has an orange flange and crown protector, as well as skeletonized luminous hands. Eight silicone braces protect the sapphire 0.4mm thick dial of the timekeeper with its double glareproof treatment. The dial is covered with a sapphire crystal of the same material, which has the same anti-reflective coating. The crystal is 1.5 mm in thickness and has a hardness of 1 800 Vickers. The transparent part of the case back is also made from sapphire. On the face of dial, you can see a retrograde scale for the power reserve at the left and an indicator to show whether the rotor has been detached from the winding mechanism at the top. The dial also features white Arabic numerals, a semi-instantaneous dial aperture and a white Arabic number.